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Using Proctorio for online exam proctoring

We have partnered with Proctorio to add the ability for faculty to secure their final exams with an online proctoring solution. Proctorio can be added to any new or existing moodle quiz to enable

Importing Data From One Course to Another

Using the Import feature in Moodle is a great way to transfer information between courses quickly and effectively. This feature is especially useful if you want to transfer course data from a previous

Using the Attendance Activity in Moodle

A great way to keep track of attendance in your course is by using the Attendance feature in Moodle. This allows you to set up an attendance roster for all of your students for each of your sessions

Open LMS Mobile App

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded the Open LMS app before February 17, 2021 you may have noticed that the name of the app has changed to "old Open LMS" on your phone. This is because there were some

Logging into Moodle

The easiest way to access the Moodle log in page is by going through the Wagner website. This can be accessed by going to Navigate to the upper right hand corner of the page, and

Changing a Course Format on Moodle

There are two main formats that are used most when organizing a Moodle page. Weekly Format By default, a Moodle course is set up using a weekly format with the starting date based on the date

Hiding an Item or Section in a Moodle Course

Within Moodle, a user has the ability to hide particular course items or whole sections at a time as they progress in creating their Moodle course. A time where this would be especially helpful is if

Restoring a Moodle Backup

The following video will walk you through how to restore a Moodle backup file to your course. Keep in mind that you can pick and choose which items you want to be included in the restore. This allows

Understanding Editing Icons

For each week/topic on your Moodle page, as well as the items that you post for your participants' viewing, there is an "edit" menu associated it. This article will explain to you what the items on

Moodle Multi-Session Configuration for Students

In the past, courses on Moodle have been displayed on a strict semester to semester basis. After a Moodle changeover date, you would only be able to access the current semester's courses. With this

Remote Teaching Options

Below you will find a variety of options that will assist you in teaching remotely in a professional and user friendly manner. In the event that you cannot find a suitable tool for your curriculum

Zoom Resources

This article was created as a place for you to go to learn more about Zoom and its functionality. In a series of videos posted below, you will find a lot of basic information on getting started, but

Supported Technology Resources

This article will direct you to helpful information about the supported technology resources on campus.  Moodle Moodle is Wagner's learning management system. If you are teaching a course

Google Drive Integration with Moodle

We have recently enabled Google Drive integration with Moodle. This will allow you to pull information from your Google Drive to share with students. Students will also be able to pull from their

Moodle Meta Merges

Please select "Request Merge" and fill out the form completely to submit your request for Moodle meta course merge