Google Drive Integration with Moodle

We have recently enabled Google Drive integration with Moodle. This will allow you to pull information from your Google Drive to share with students. Students will also be able to pull from their Google Drives when they are submitting an assignment. 

When you share content this way, you will not be required to give permission for students to see the information. This process basically makes a copy of whatever the item is in Google Drive, and places it on Moodle to share. 

Please see instructions below on how you can access Google Drive in your Moodle course. 

The example I will be using in this article is accessing Google Drive when you are trying to upload a file, but basically any time you are using the File Picker to upload information, you will have the ability to pull from your Google Drive. This also applies to students when trying to submit assignments that they created in their Google Drive. 

1. Turn your editing on

2. Click Add an Activity or Resource

3. Choose File 

4. Give your file a name. In the Select Files section, select the file picker.

5. On the left hand side, choose Google Drive. Then press Log into your Account. 

6. You will be asked to pick the account you would like to link. Choose your Wagner account.

7. It will then ask you to allow Moodle to access your Google Drive. Press Allow. 

8. Now you can go through your Drive and choose the file that you want to share. 

9. When you choose your file, a box will pop up where you can press Select this file

10. Your file will now appear in the file box on Moodle. 

11. Make sure to Save Changes at the bottom. The file will now be posted on your Moodle page. 




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