Zoom Resources

This article was created as a place for you to go to learn more about Zoom and its functionality. In a series of videos posted below, you will find a lot of basic information on getting started, but also some information on some more advanced topics. Zoom is very user friendly and integrates with a lot of applications that you use frequently such as Google Calendar and Moodle. Zoom also offers live webinars that are very helpful especially as you try to get more familiar with the software. You can access more information about these live webinars here


How do I log into Zoom?


How can I schedule a Zoom meeting from the Zoom Web Portal?


How can I schedule a Zoom meeting from my Google Calendar?

How do I schedule a meeting from the Desktop Client?

How do I join a meeting on Zoom?

Configuring Audio and Video

How do I use the meeting controls once my session begins?


How do I create and distribute a poll?


How do I create breakout groups in my session?

The first video here will show you how to create pre-assigned breakout groups. The second video will talk about how to create breakout groups during a session

How can I record my Zoom session?



How do I integrate Zoom with my Moodle course?

Importing Previously Scheduled Zoom Meetings into Moodle Zoom Integration

How do I End My Session on Zoom


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