Open LMS Mobile App

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded the Open LMS app before February 17, 2021 you may have noticed that the name of the app has changed to "old Open LMS" on your phone. This is because there were some changes made to the app and a new one is now available for download. Please DELETE the "old Open LMS" app on your phone and download the Open-LMS app from your app store by following the directions below. If you do not delete the old app, you will no longer receive updates for it and it will not function properly.

To utilize Moodle from a mobile device, you will need to switch over to the Open LMS Mobile App from the old Moodle mobile app. This is a free download from your App Store. 

This app will allow you to access all of the same features that you are used to using, in addition to some newer ones as well. 

Please follow these directions to download and start using the Open LMS Mobile App.

1. Go to your app store and search for Open LMS Mobile 

2. Once the app downloads and you open it up, you will be asked to enter your site address. 

3. In the box enter our school site: When you're finished, click Connect to your site

4. You will be prompted to enter your Moodle credentials which is the same user name and password as you would use for your email. Press Log in.


5. Once you log in, you will see Moodle's home page along with site news, your calendar and upcoming events. Make sure to take note of the icons at the bottom of the screen for more features.


6. To view your courses, click Dashboard at the top. From the first drop down menu you can choose to view all of your available courses or filter based on what you want to see. "In progress" are courses that you are currently enrolled in, "Future courses" are courses that haven't started yet, and "Past courses" are courses that have already happened. 

A few notes about this:

1. If you are a student, you will not be able to access past courses on Moodle. 

2. Courses are filtered based on the course start date. If the first day of that semester hasn't started yet, your course will be considered a "future course," since technically that course hasn't happened yet. Once the first day of class arrives, that course will be considered an "in progress" course. 

3. Students will not have access to Moodle courses until two weeks before the start of a Moodle course.




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