Account logins and password resets.

Services (9)

Account Name Change

Here you can request certain change to your account names.

Active Directory Password reset

Reset your account password used to access the computers in offices, labs and the Library.

Delegate an E-Mail account

Delegate an existing departmental email account to one or more people.

Jenzabar CX New Account Request

Request a new Jenzabar account. Supervisor approval is required.

Jenzabar CX Password Reset

Reset your Jenzabar CX password. A valid CX password is also needed for Cognos access.


Here you can submit a ticket requesting help with Onelogin access issues

OneLogin Password Reset

Reset your OneLogin password.

Request Active Directory (AD) Account

Request accounts for new student workers, guests and others who might not have them automatically created.

Request to Create E-Mail Account

Request a new account for your department or organization.