Popular Services

Request media for classes or special events. Requests must be submitted 48 hours PRIOR to the start of the event; requests for Saturday and/or Sunday must be in by Wednesday.

Ask a question, get advice, get support on something you are unable to find in the service catalog.

Office Ethernet related issues

Request new lists or modify existing lists.

Report errors or issues with one of your devices.

Here you can submit a ticket requesting help with Onelogin access issues

Report issues with multi-function devices.

Get connected to a network printer, connect to specialized desktop printers.

Delegate an existing departmental email account to one or more people.

Reset your All-Access password.

Report technology issues in classrooms such as projection problems, audio problems, computer problems, etc.

Computer Lab information.

Request equipment to be moved or retrieved to be brought back to IT.

Issues with KnowBe4 online security training and awareness.

Here you can request certain change to your account names.

Please change the phone directory display from 'Richard Li" to "Jerry He" for line 718-390-3493.

Also please create for Jerry He a RingCentral account. Thanks.

Request modifications to an already existing Cognos report.

General myWagner student support.

Reset your Jenzabar CX password. A valid CX password is also needed for Cognos access.

Reset your account password used to access the computers in offices, labs and the Library.

Request a new Jenzabar account. Supervisor approval is required.

Report a problem with your phone service

Request accounts for new student workers, guests and others who might not have them automatically created.

Request a new account for your department or organization.