Remote Options for Staff


As always, email is accessible remotely by going to and inputting your All Access Pass. 


A tool that is very helpful when teaching remotely is Webex. Webex is an application that will allow you to take your courses and meetings online. It is seamless, easy to use, and really useful if you want to have a live discussion with participants outside of the classroom. Check out the following videos that will walk you through the basics of setting up and facilitating a Webex session:

Logging in and Setting up a Webex Meeting

Starting and Facilitating a Webex Meeting

Good to Know

  • Webex works best when using Firefox or Chrome.
  • Webex uses VOIP. This means you and your participants will need access to a working speaker and microphone to effectively communicate. Webcam is always helpful, but not necessary to have a productive meeting. 
  • Webex requires users who have never participated in a webex conference before to download the webex client on their computer. This can be done ahead of time by logging into webex and downloading the Cisco Webex Meetings App. 

  • Have too many participants to invite? No problem. Use your Webex Personal Room to easily send a permanent link to participants so they can easily get to the Webex meeting. Check out the following tech tip that will give you more insight on using your personal room: Using Webex Personal Room

Additional Webex Resources

How to Optimize Shared Content for Video and Audio on Webex

This quick video will show you how to share audio and video files effectively on Webex. By default, Webex automatically assumes you will be sharing document files for your participants. There are a few small changes you must make in order to share these materials during your Webex session. Always remember, after sharing your audio or video file, you will have to change back to the default setting to continue sharing document files.


Dial in Option Now Available on Webex

If you don't have the capability to connect to audio during a Webex session, you now have the ability to dial in from your phone. When you schedule a meeting, dial in information will automatically be generated for you. If you would like to set up a dial in option for your personal room, check out the following article:

Using Dial In Option on Webex in your Personal Room

Generating an Attendance Report in Webex

If you would like a report of who attended your meeting, you can do so by following the steps in the following article:

Generating an Attendance Report in Webex

How to Remove the 'Anyone Can Share' Option in Webex

Recent upgrades in Webex have enabled an 'Anyone Can Share' option. This gives all participants the same privileges as someone who has been granted the presenter role during a meeting. This feature can be manually shut off by following the instructions in the following link. Please keep in mind this feature will need to be disabled at the start of each meeting. It is also present in both the personal rooms and those created in the Webex scheduler.

Removing 'Anyone Can Share' Option in Webex

How to Record and Share Your Webex Session

This video will walk you through how to record your Webex session. It will also show you where to access your recordings if you've saved it on the Webex cloud, and how to share it via Moodle.

How to Record and Share Your Webex Session

How to Cancel Recurring Meetings on Webex

This video will go over how to easily cancel a single recurring meeting or an entire meeting series on Webex.

How to Cancel Recurring Meetings on Webex

Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing tool by Google that allows you to join or start a meeting with colleagues. You can join or facilitate these meetings from your computer, mobile phone, or by landline with a provided phone number to dial in with. These meetings are easily facilitated by sharing your microphone and screen. With the ability to share your screen, chat with participants, and integrate with Google Calendar, this tool make video conferencing a cinch!

Good to Know

Hangouts Meet works best when using Google Chrome.


Google Drive

Google Drive is a personal storage space provided by Google. Besides the storage aspect, Google Drive is wonderful for creating, sharing, and collaborating with colleagues by  using featured applications such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms. Check out the following video for more information regarding Google Drive:

Net Drive

Net Drive gives you the ability to easily connect to your P and W drives while off campus. Check out the following Knowledge Base article that will explain everything you need to get started. Click here!



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