Removing 'Anyone Can Share' Option on Webex

Recent Webex upgrades have enabled the 'Anyone Can Share' 'feature, which can only be disabled AFTER the host has logged in to a Webex Meeting. This would mean that any participant would have the ability to share content like a person with the presenter role can do. Unfortunately, this option cannot be disabled administratively without affecting other features that faculty are using readily.

Luckily, if this feature is something you would like to remove, you can easily do so by following these instructions. 

1. When you start your session on Webex, simply navigate to the menu at the top of the screen. Choose Participant

2. Uncheck 'Anyone Can Share'

Once you do that, this ability will be removed. Please keep in mind that you will need to do this at the start of every session, and it applies to BOTH personal meeting rooms and meetings scheduled through the webex scheduler.




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Thu 4/2/20 3:58 PM
Thu 4/2/20 11:12 PM