Generating an Attendance Report in Webex

This article will show you how to generate an attendance report in Webex. This is great for keeping track of who attended a session, when, and how long they stayed logged in. 

1. Switch to the classic view of Webex by clicking Classic View at the top of the screen after logging in.

2. Select My Webex.

3. Select My Reports

4. Choose Usage Report

5. Select the date for the session you would like the attendance record from. Press Display Report.

6. Select the session you would like to generate the attendance report from.


7. You will be given a report of all of the participants who attended your session. If you notice you are also given information regarding when they logged in and when they logged out. The name in this picture is blurred out to protect the participant's privacy, but you will also see the name of the participant on your end when you display the report. If you would like to see a neatly compiled list of all the participants and their session information, press Export Report

8. The information is blurred out in this picture, but in addition to the log in details of this participant, you can also see their name, email address, and how long they stayed logged in.

9. If you are not seeing the report in front of you, make sure to check your computer where downloads are stored. Webex may have downloaded the CSV file for you directly into your downloads folder.



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