Welcome to the new service management portal

We've partnered with TeamDynamix, an IT service management software provider focused on Higher Education, to improve how we deliver services to the Wagner Community. We hope that you will find the process of finding helpful information and requesting help improved and more efficient. We are excited to utilize this new software to provide the Campus community with an exceptional technology experience.

Navigating the Home Page

The Home page contains useful options to help find the information you need. We've highlighted some frequently used and helpful services and information to reduce the need for manually browsing the site. For our incoming students, we've highlighted important information and services:

We also have a section for faculty, to provide quick links to important resources and information:

Our main navigation bar has a number of shortcuts to help streamline your request process:

1. The Search bar

You can search for specific terms, such as printer, moodle, or password and it will search the entire site for matches. You may see a Service or a Knowledge Base article in your search results. A Service is something you can request help with. A Knowledge base article will provide helpful information about how to do something.

2. Submit a Ticket

This will allow you to browse our Service catalog and submit a ticket for help.

3. Find an Answer

You can browse our Knowledge base for helpful articles on common tasks and self-help information.

4. Connect to WiFi

Everybody needs WiFi. Everybody loves WiFi. Clicking on this can help get you connected on your device quickly.


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