Navigating the service page

The service page contains information about the service you are looking for assistance with. It can provide steps for self-remedy, or information about who should be accessing the service. The service page has 3 main components:

1. Main Content

The main content of the service page tells you about the service, who should have access to it, what it's for and, in some cases, steps to resolve an issue on your own.

2. "The Button"

If you're unable to resolve the issue on your own, clicking on "The Button" will bring you to the request form to tell us about your issue. The text on the button changes from service to service to make it more apparent. Most services we offer require that you are authenticated to the site in order to submit a request.

3. Related Knowledge Base articles or Files

If there are helpful files or related knowledge base articles they will be linked in this area.


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