OneLogin MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)

Multi-factor Authentication allows for improved security when accessing Wagner systems.  OneLogin uses SmartFactor Authentication - OneLogin’s SmartFactor Authentication uses machine learning to analyze a broad range of inputs, such as location, device, and user behavior, to calculate a risk score and determine the most appropriate security action to take for each login attempt. Depending on the detected level of risk, SmartFactor Authentication adjusts the number of authentication factors needed to log in.

OneLogin offers a few options for Authentication Factors - They include the OneLogin Protect mobile app, SMS and Google Authenticator. Over time Onelogin will "learn" your unique login factors and only request the additional step when appropriate. You may choose to setup more than one Security Factor (recommended.)

If you don't already have an Authentication Factor set up, you will see the following once MFA is activated for you/your department. 

When logging in, you'll be prompted to select and Authentication Factor.  The most convenient method is the OneLogin Protect App.  The app allows for push notifications with a one button authentication. Select OneLogin Protect then follow the onscreen instructions.

If you would rather use SMS text messaging, you can select OneLogin SMS. You'll be prompted to type in your mobile phone number, then enter the security code in the received text message. 

To manage, add or remove your authentication factors, go to and select Security Factors, found under your profile menu in the top right corner. 

If you have an issues adding a factor or logging in, please reach out to the IT Help Desk.




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