Using Proctorio for online exam proctoring

We have partnered with Proctorio to add the ability for faculty to secure their final exams with an online proctoring solution. Proctorio can be added to any new or existing moodle quiz to enable features including attention monitoring, lockdown browser, screen recording and analytics to determine if there was any suspicious behavior.

Proctorio uses a Chrome plugin that faculty and students will need in order successfully setup and take moodle exams.

Adding Proctorio to your course is very simple. 

Please note that Chrome is required to use Proctorio.


If you want to use the tool, simply go into your course and "turn editing on."


You can then choose a section to "add an activity or resource." 

Click on "external tool."


Type in "Secure Exam Proctor" and pick "Secure Exam Proctor" from the Preconfigured Tool drop down box.

Then, hit "Save and Display."

The plugin has now been added to your course and can be applied to any new or existing (without any submissions) quizzes. If you do not already have the Chrome plugin installed, you will be prompted to install it after the plugin has been added to the course. Click the link to access if prompted.

Proctorio has provided a number of helpful resources for faculty below, including a recording of a live demonstration/training session.

Access the "Instructor Quick Start Guide" for instructions regarding all the proctoring features you can apply through the plugin.

Please use your wagner email address when accessing the resources below.

Wagner College Training

Instructor Welcome Packet

Instructor Quick Start Guide

Best Practices for Finals (Instructors)


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