Inviting a visitor to campus using the Envoy system

In order to have visitors come to campus we'll be using the Envoy system to manage the invitations and tracking. All visitors must be "hosted" by a staff or faculty member in order to come to campus. The Envoy system provides easy access to a pre-registration form where visitors can confirm their information and upload appropriate vaccination or negative COVID-19 test documentation. Please follow the instruction below to log into the Envoy system and add a visitor.


Navigate to the Envoy Dashboard at


Enter your full Wagner College email address at the login prompt









Choose Log in using Single Sign On in order to authenticate using your Onelogin credentials


Once authenticated, select Invites from the left sidebar. You'll be taken to the invites page.


In the top right corner of the invites page, click the red New invite button

The invitation will require the following information:

  1. Visitor type: select Visitor from the pulldown.

  2. Arrival date/time: Choose the arrival date and time of your visitor.

  3. Repeat: You can choose a repeat schedule if your visitor will be coming to campus on a regular basis.

  4. Full Name: Enter your visitor's full name

  5. Visitor email address: Enter your visitor's email address

  6. Host: This should default to the logged in user. 

  7. Building: Choose the building that the visitor will be accessing while on campus.

  8. Private notes: You can add notes in this section that the visitor will not be able to see.


Once you have entered all the relevant information click Invite in order to invite the visitor and send an invitation email to them. If you have additional visitor to register, you can click Invite and add another.

To see all your current visitor invitations and past visitors, click on the Visitor log link in the left sidebar


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