Setting up Custom Rules on RingCentral when Out of Office

This article will walk you through how to use Custom Rules in RingCentral to set up your phone for when you are out of office. 

For a tutorial on how to use this feature, check out this video:

1. Log into your RingCentral desktop application or via your Chrome browser by going to

2. Click the gear on the left hand side to access the settings. 

3. Select Phone. 

4. Find where it says Extension Settings and choose Edit. 


5. Choose Call Handling and Forwarding

6. Select Custom Rules 

7. Click Add Rule


8. Give your rule a name and press Next

9. Define the conditions for the rule. Press Next.

    Caller ID: Based on the specific person calling you

    Called Number: Based on a specific number calling you

    Date and/or Time: Based on a specific date or date range

If you are using this feature because you are going to be out of office, choose the date or date range option. Enter the first day you will be out of the office in the From field. Enter the last date that you will need to have a custom rule set up for in the To field. 

10. Now you need to set what you would like to happen with your calls when they come in. 

Forward Calls: This option is if you want to forward the call to multiple phone numbers in a specific order and have your greeting settings apply.

Expand the Call Forwarding section to add in the numbers that you want to forward the calls to by putting them inside the numbers box and toggling it off the list. 

Take Messages Only: This will forward callers right to voicemail. 

There is a default message that you can use for your callers that is already activated. If you prefer to create a customized greeting for your voicemail, select Edit. 

From the drop down menu choose Custom

Then choose the way you want to record your message. 

Phone: This option allows you to put a phone number in and RingCentral will call you on that number so you can record your message over the phone.

Microphone: This option allows you to use your computer's microphone to record your message. Make sure to allow RingCentral to use the microphone when you are prompted. To record a message, click on the red record button. 

Importing: This option allows you to import a previously recorded file that you would like to use as your voicemail. Simply click Browse and select the file you wish to upload. 

Play Announcement Only: This option will play a pre-recorded announcement and end the call afterwards.

Just like with the Take Messages Only option, there is a default message that you can use for your callers that is already activated. If you prefer to create a customized greeting for your voicemail, select Edit and follow the directions above to record a customized message. 

The last option here is Unconditional Forwarding. Select this option if you want to forward the call to a different phone number without having to go through your greeting settings. This option is good when you want the call to go directly to your personal voicemail when you don't pick-up.

Put the number in the box and press Save.

Your Custom Rule has now been created. 

To make changes to this rule, click Edit. 

To delete this rule, click Delete

To activate or deactivate this rule, you can use the toggle to turn it on or off as needed. 

An important thing to know here is that you must remember to deactivate the rule when you return back in office or it will stay activated for all of your calls. So when you return back to work, simply toggle the rule off and your settings will go back to the way they were before you left the office. 



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