Faxing with RingCentral

This article will walk you through how to use the faxing feature in RingCentral. Please note this process requires you to have the documents that you would like to share as files on your computer. With this feature, you are able to fax internally and externally either individually or simultaneously. 

For a short tutorial, check out the following video:



1. To start, log in RingCentral using the desktop application or within your browser at https://app.ringcentral.com

2. Click the phone icon on the left hand side. 

3. In the fax section, you can access all of your faxes at once, faxes you've sent, faxes you received, and faxes that have failed. To see any of these, simply click on them from the list. 

4. You have a few options when viewing your received faxes. You can add the person who sent the fax to your contacts, view the fax by clicking on the eye, download the fax with the downward arrow, forward the fax with the arrow, or see more options with the three dots

5. To send a new fax, click on the plus sign on the fax menu. Choose New fax. You can also send a new fax by clicking the plus sign in the upper right corner and choosing Send new fax. 

6. If you are faxing internally, type in the name of the person that you are sending to in the To field. If you are faxing externally, enter in the fax number into the To field. You can separate numbers by pressing the enter key in between entries. 

7. The cover page and the cover page note are optional. If you want to include information in here, you can enter it in the text box. 

8. Click Attach file to add items to include in your fax. You can add more than one file at once. You are able to include any faxable document here. Videos are not permitted. 

9. When you are finished adding items, click Send Now.

10. Once your fax sends successfully, you will be able to see it in your Sent section. If it fails for any reason, it will show up in your Failed section. 

Please note that your fax will not go through instantly. It may take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to go through so don't worry if your recipient doesn't receive it right away. Also, when you receive a fax from someone, a copy of it will show up in your email inbox. 



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