Messaging with RingCentral

This article will walk you through how to use the messaging feature on RingCentral. This very useful feature allows you to have easy, instant message conversations with your colleagues either individually or as a group. You can also use the Teams feature which is perfect for creating groups for project based conversations and collaboration. 

For a short tutorial on this feature, check out the following video:


1. Log into RingCentral using Chrome at or with the RingCentral desktop app.

2. Select the quotation bubbles on the top left of the screen. 

3. Your conversations and teams can be seen on the left, your conversation is in the center, and your "shelf," where shared files from the conversation will be kept, is on the right.


4. Under Direct Messages, you will see all of your current conversations. To interact with that conversation, simply click it from the list. 

5. To contribute to the conversation, click inside of the text box and write your message.

6. You can also take advantage of some of the other features here like the formatting tool, the paper clip to add files, emojis and GIFs, and the ability to create and assign events and tasks within your conversation. 

7. There are two ways that you can create a new message. The first is by going to the Direct Messages menu, clicking the plus sign, and selecting Send new message. The other way to create a new message is by going to the plus sign in the upper right corner and selecting Send new message. However you get there, how you send the message will follow the same process.

8. In the Members field, type the name(s) of the person or people that you want to have a conversation with. Separate each name with the enter key on your keyboard. If they are an internal colleague, you can simply type their name in the box and it should show up as a choice to choose. If you are sending to an external colleague, you can put their email address in the box, but they will be required to download the RingCentral app in order to communicate with you. This is why Messaging is most useful as an internal feature. 

9. After you type in who you are contacting, you can write your message and press Send. 


10. Once your conversation is created, you can use RingCentral to make your conversation a video call by pressing the video camera at the top of the screen, or a phone call by pressing the phone. 

11. You can also utilize teams if your reasoning for creating the messaging group is for project based conversations and collaboration. Using events and tasks here would be very beneficial. To create a team, go to the Team section on the left hand side. You can create a new team the same way as sending a message by pressing the plus sign to the right and selecting Create team. You can also do the same thing by clicking the plus sign in the upper right corner and choosing Create team

12. Fill out all of the information in order to set up your team the way you want it. Make sure to press Create when you are finished. 



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