Changing Your RingCentral Voicemail Pin and Greeting

This article will walk you through the steps to change your RingCentral voicemail pin and greeting. By default everyone will have the same voicemail pin so it is necessary that you change your pin as soon as you can to make it more unique to you. 

If you prefer to watch a short tutorial video on how to make these changes, you can check that out here:

Here are the steps to change your pin and greeting:

1. Log into RingCentral at Click Sign in.

2. Click Single Sign-on

3. You will be asked to confirm your Wagner email address. Enter your Wagner email address in the box. Press Submit. 

4. You will be directed to the Wagner OneLogin page. Enter your OneLogin credentials as your normally would. Click Continue

5.  Once your page loads, locate and click the gear at the bottom left of the screen. If you hover over it, it will say Settings. 

6. Click Phone

7. At the bottom of the page find where it says Voicemail. Click Edit. 

8. There are a few options here to look at. The first is going to be what you want RingCentral to do if you do not answer your phone. The default is to direct the caller to your voicemail. If you are content with this, leave that option as is. 

9. By default, there is an automated greeting set up for you. You can look at and listen to the preview to see if you would like to keep it that way. If you prefer to customize your greeting, select Custom from the drop down menu. Once you have selected Custom, click Record.

10. There are three options here. Phone, Microphone and Importing. 

The Phone option will have RingCentral call the number listed in the box so you can record your message over the phone. Click Call Now and when you receive the call, record your message.


The Microphone option will allow you to record a greeting using your computer's microphone. Make sure to allow RingCentral to access your microphone if you choose this option. You can record your message by clicking the red record button. 

The Importing option will allow you to browse for a previously recorded greeting and upload it as your voicemail greeting. 

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you press Done and save your changes. 

11. The last option in the Voicemail settings is to change your voicemail pin. Enter your pin in the box provided for you. You will notice once you enter this pin, if it doesn't fit the pin criteria necessary, you will be alerted as to what you need to add or remove. 

12. When you are all finished, click Save.


Checking Your Voicemail Messages

To check your voicemail messages, click the phone icon on the left hand side. Select All Voicemail

You can listen to your voicemails by selecting the play button next to the message that you wish to hear from the list. If you wish to delete a message, press the trash can on the right. 

To call a person back that has left you a voicemail, simply select the phone icon next to their message. To download the message to your computer, press the three dots on the right hand side and choose Download.



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