Live Transcript in Zoom

A useful feature now available on Zoom is Live Transcript. This allows you to have live transcription for your session. Participants will have the ability to see the subtitles at the bottom of their screen, or if they choose, in a transcript that opens on their right hand side. This feature is not automatic so you will need to set it up in your session to enable it. Check out the following instructions on how to do so. Please keep in mind that live transcription only supports English.

1. Once you start your Zoom session, look down at your Meeting Controls and choose Live Transcript. 

2. Choose Enable Auto -Transcription


3. Now the subtitles should show up as you speak. See the screen shot below for an example of what they will look like. 

4. You can turn off the live transcription at any time. To do this click Live Transcript once more and press Disable Auto-Transcription


When students join a session where the Live Transcript is enabled, they can turn it on by clicking  the same Live Transcript button on their meeting controls. 

They can then choose the subtitles which will show at the bottom of the screen or view full transcript which will open on the right hand side and they can see the entire conversation. 



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