Zoom Updates

There have been quite a few Zoom updates that you may find useful when facilitating your classes. Please see below to check them out.

In order to take advantage of all of these new features, you will want to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the Zoom Client. 

To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Go to your Zoom client. This is the application that was downloaded on to your computer the first time that you used Zoom. 


2. Navigate to the icon in the upper right hand corner


3. From the menu, choose Check for Updates

4. If there is an update available, it will tell you. Press Update

5. Follow the rest of the prompts to install the update. 

Participants Can Choose Breakout Rooms

With this newly added feature, participants can now choose whichever Breakout Room they would like to join. To set this up follow these instructions:

1. Click Breakout Rooms on the Zoom Toolbar

2. Choose Let Participants Choose Room. Press Create.

3. Now you can create your rooms. Since your participants are choosing their own rooms, it is important to make sure your Room names are clear so they know which one they are joining. In this example, we are creating three rooms that will each be discussing a different topic. To rename a room, click on the room you would like to edit and press Rename

4. Type the name of your room in the box and press Yes. In the screen shot below you will see all three rooms renamed.

5. When ready, press Open All Rooms at the bottom. You will see all participants who haven't chosen a room yet under Unassigned.


6. Once the participant has chosen a room, it will look like this from the host's end. You will see that the participant is no longer under unassigned and has now chosen a group to go to. 


7. With this new feature checked off, participants can also leave a breakout room and jump to another. You will see in the screen shot below how our participant has gone from the Moodle Basics room into the Kaltura Basics room


New Co-Host Privileges in Break Out Rooms

Co-hosts now have the same privileges as hosts in regard to managing breakout rooms. They have the ability to start and end break out sessions, move participants from room to room, and can assign a participant back to the main session without ending all breakout sessions.


Suspending Participant Activity

This is a new security measure that will allow hosts to immediately suspend all participant activity. This includes muting all video and audio, stop all screen shares, end all break out sessions, and if applicable, pause the session recording. To enable this feature, follow these instructions:

1. Click Security on the Zoom Toolbar


2. Choose Suspend Participant Activities


Enhanced Non-Verbal Feedback and Reactions

Non-verbal feedback has been relocated to the Reactions menu on the Zoom Toolbar. To access non-verbal feedback, follow these instructions:

1. Click Reactions on the Zoom toolbar

2. Click on whichever non-verbal feedback you would like to use



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