A Closer Look at the Zoom Kaltura Integration

With the Kaltura Zoom Integration, videos recorded to the cloud on Zoom will automatically be uploaded to Kaltura's My Media repository on Moodle once they have been generated. Faculty could then publish their recordings to the corresponding Moodle course. 

Due to limited cloud storage, all recordings older than 30 days will be automatically removed from Zoom. This integration will help to avoid loss of data and will make it easier to share recordings with students. 

To get to your Media Gallery on Moodle, log into your account as normal and find My Media on the Navigation Menu located on the left. In this example, you will see that the Kaltura Basics Training has been automatically uploaded using the integration.

If you click on your video and it says that it is still processing, don't worry. It may take some time for your video to completely upload to Kaltura depending on how long it is. You are able to continue to work around that upload though and come back to it later. 

Once your recording has processed, make sure to scan through it to ensure that everything looks the way that it should. This is an important step because later on in this article you will learn how to delete your recordings from the Zoom web portal, so you want to make sure everything is there before doing this. 

If you want to publish your video to your Moodle course, click on the edit pen to the right of the recording you wish to share in your My Media repository.

Click on Publish and from Publishing Status choose Published. You can then choose the course or courses from the bottom that you want to publish it to. 

If you are teaching a course where the course name is the same, but the section numbers are different, you can also publish your video directly to the Moodle page itself if there are different recordings that you need to publish for each class. 

To do this, first go to the Moodle course page. Once there, from the Navigation Menu, choose Media Gallery

Once in your Media Gallery, press Add Media

Check off the video that you would like to share and then press Publish

Once you have ensured your recordings have uploaded successfully and you have published them to their respective courses, you can now go to the Wagner Zoom web portal and delete your stored recordings off of the cloud. 

To do this, first go to your Wagner Zoom web portal at https://wagner.zoom.us

Click Recordings on the left hand side 

Find the recording that you would like to delete. From the More drop down menu to the right, choose Delete. 


The following tutorial video will walk you through the same process:




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