Merging Moodle Course Data

Since our recent migration to eThink, our Moodle merge process has changed slightly. 

The process will now be to set up courses as what is referred to as a Meta Course. There will be one main course that will host the roster and all of the information for that course. The second course will still be active, but this course must remain blank. 

Faculty must remember to access the main course to add data and communicate with students. Since this could prove to be a little confusing, we will hide access to the second course so that students will only have access to the main course. The teacher of that second course will still be able to see and access it, but it will be grayed out. 

When information is sent about the completion of the meta course, it will be clear which course is considered the main course. 

The course name will still be the same, so please make sure to advise students about this if they are concerned after seeing it in their My Courses section. 



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