Kaltura lecture capture system tutorials

Wagner College has partnered with the cloud video hosting company Kaltura to offer flexible lecture capture/recording options to provide additional resources for your students.
Kaltura has a very deep integration with Moodle. All faculty will have a personal video archive area accessible via Moodle, known as My Media. Your My Media space will consist of all videos that you've made within the system. Each Moodle course will have a Media Gallery that can include any number of videos from your My Media archive.
Kaltura provides other capabilities including in-video quizzes, automatic captions, playlists and viewer analytics. We've prepared the following videos to demonstrate Kaltura's core functionality. Please check back here periodically as we will be adding additional instructional videos.

Using Kaltura's My Media Space on Moodle

This video will walk you through how you can populate your My Media space on Moodle with different types of videos to share with your students.



Editing a Video in Kaltura's My Media

In this video you will learn how to edit your video in My Media.



Using the Launch Editor in Kaltura's My Media

This video will give you a basic tour of the Launch Editor in Kaltura's My Media. This tool allows you to snip your video and edit it to your preferences. It will also show you how to add a fade in/fade out transition.



Creating a Video Quiz in Kaltura's My Media

In this video we will go over how to create an interactive quiz in My Media. You will see all four types of questions and how you can add them to a video as it plays.


Embedding a Video Quiz into Moodle

This video walks you through how to embed a Kaltura Quiz into your Moodle page. Following this process will integrate your quiz with your Moodle grade book so it records scores once the student has finished the quiz.



Using Kaltura's Media Gallery on Moodle

This video shows you how to take your videos from My Media and publish them to your course's Media Gallery on Moodle.



Using Kaltura to Embed Information and Give Assignments

This video walks you through how you can add videos from My Media as Kaltura resources and how to assign a Kaltura Media Assignment for students to submit their own videos as gradable content.



Viewing Course Analytics using Kaltura in Moodle

This video gives a basic overview on how you can view analytics and use them to measure student engagement in your course.


How to Upload Zoom Recordings to Kaltura's My Media

This video will show you how to download your Zoom recordings and then upload them on to My Media to share with your class.This is important to learn how to do since we have limited Cloud Storage. This will ensure that you will always have access to your recordings and you can easily share them with your students. 


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