Using Google Calendar to Create Appointments

A great feature of Google Calendar is the ability to create a secondary calendar used specifically for students or colleagues to reserve a time to meet with you. This would be especially useful for one on one appointments or office hours. Included below are two videos that will walk you through this process. The first video will show you how to set everything up and the other will demonstrate some ways that you can share the link to your appointment calendar for people to view and submit. 




When setting up your appointment calendar, don't forget to include the link to where your meetings are taking place. I have copied the link to my Personal Room on Zoom so that I can now include it into the calendar appointment page. Follow these instructions to see how to add it:

1. Go to your appointment calendar and click on one of the slots that you have created. You can also add the location of the meeting upon initially setting up your event. Once the preview window pops up, click on the pen at the top of the box to edit the details of the event. 

2. In the event details, click where it says Location and paste the link to the location of the meeting in this box. Save those changes. If you have made multiple events just adjust this change for all of your remaining events.

Here is what it will look like if you click on your event preview in your calendar. 

Now when a person goes to book an appointment with you, the location of the meeting will show up in the box so that they know where to go when their appointment time arrives. 




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