Apporto Virtual Lab Software

Through a partnership with Apporto, we have created a virtual lab to access key applications remotely while instruction remains online.

Please follow the instructions below to log in and gain access to these additional software applications.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the virtual lab site at
  2. Click Log in

  3. Use your All-Access Pass crendentials to log in. (same as email, mywagner, moodle...)

  4. Once logged in you'll see 2 different "desktops" you'll be able to launch

    • for ArcGIS ONLY, launch ArcGIS Full...
    • for MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Stata, SPSS, and Visual Studio, launch RDS Full...
  5. Apporto allows for 10GB of storage for user documents. You can find your documents folder by accessing the DFS-MyDocuments drive under "This PC" in the file explorer.

  6. You can also add access to your Google Drive folders by clicking on the Apporto Cloud Mounter icon on the desktop.

  7. Click on Google Drive.

  8. Hit Connect Now.

  9. Log in with your All-Access Pass credentials.

  10. Allow the application access to your Google Drive files.

  11. You will then see a Gdrive (G:) appear under "This PC" in the file explorer that has all the folders in your Google Drive.



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