Connecting to Google Hangouts Meet as a Participant

1. Go to

2. You should have been provided meeting information from your professor. There are multiple ways in which to join a meeting. 

3. Check out the following screen shot for more information about joining a meeting with information supplied to you by your professor. Each method is numbered in the screen shot. Check under the screen shot for a detailed explanation.

1. The first method shown in the screen shot is to connect with the meeting nickname. This isn't mandatory upon creating the course, so your teacher may not use one. If they have, this is where you can find it. When you go to, click Join or Create a Meeting and put the meeting nickname in the text box.

2. The second method shown in the screen shot shows how you can join the meeting by clicking on the meeting link. If it is a live link, you can simply click on it and it will connect you. If it is not a live link, you can copy and paste it into your browser (Chrome works best,) and you will start the process of joining the meeting. You can also click Join or Create a meeting as explained in the previous method and enter in the meeting code. You can choose to include or leave out the dashes. Either way will get you connected.

3. This last method shown in the screen shot will give you the phone number and pin code that you can use to call and connect to the meeting. Call the number provided for you and you will be prompted to enter the pin.

4. Once you are connected, you will be asked to connect your microphone and camera for the meeting. Make sure to approve this connection. If you do not want to share your microphone or camera, click the microphone or camera to shut them off. Click Join Meeting.

5. Your meeting will begin. In the upper right hand corner you can see the other participants and host by clicking on the person avatar. 

6. To chat with participants, click on the chat bubble.

7. To end the meeting, simply click on the button in the middle of your camera and microphone buttons.




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