Moodle Multi-Session Configuration

If you prefer a video tutorial on this new process, please click the following link: Moodle Multi-Session Configuration

In the past, courses on Moodle have been displayed on a strict semester to semester basis. After a Moodle changeover date, you would only be able to access the current semester's courses. With this new process, you will be able to have full access to an entire semester's worth of courses based on the whole Academic year. For example, when Fall courses become available on Moodle, you will still have access to the courses from the summer semester and, once they become available, the Spring courses. This is an exciting change, however, there are few points that you need to stay aware of.

1. Where can I find my courses?

If you are accessing a current course on Moodle, you will be able to access that course on the left hand side under My Courses on the Navigation Menu as normal. A course is categorized as "current" based on the official first day of the semester. So for example, if you are trying to find your course on Moodle the day before the semester officially begins, you will not be able to find it where you normally look because technically it is not considered current yet. So where do you look? There are two places in which you can find all of your courses associated with your account.

  • Home

            Upon logging in, you should find yourself in the home section on Moodle. If you want to make sure you are in the right place, simply press Home from your navigation menu on the left hand side. Once you have successfully found your way, look on the right hand side under My Courses. Here you will find all of the courses that you are associated with including your past courses, current courses, persistent courses, and once they are available, your future courses.

  • Dashboard

           Your second option to access your courses, is by clicking on Dashboard which is located on the left hand side on your navigation menu. The dashboard is a hub for all of the courses that you are a participant in. Under Course Overview, you can view all of your courses all at once, or you can filter depending on which kind of class you are looking for. So if it is the fall semester and you are looking to access your summer course, you could filter by Past courses and it will bring up the page for you.

2. Course Name Change

Now that you have a variety of semesters to choose from, you'll notice that the way your course is listed on Moodle looks a little different. In the past, your Moodle course would be identified by the course number, and the section. Now you'll notice that your course is identified by the course number, the section number, and then the semester in which it falls in. It is important to be aware of which course you are selecting especially if you are teaching the same course two semesters in a row.

Please note: This name change is for Moodle purposes ONLY. The name, course number, and section of your course will still remain the same as it does in the course catalog.

3. Backup

It is still extremely important to back up your courses at the end of a semester. Remember, even though you have access to an entire academic year, you will not always maintain that access as we change from semester to semester. Because of this, please make sure to make a backup of your Moodle course as you normally do at the end of the semester and save it to an external device. This process stays the same as it has in the past and is explained to you in the following tutorial video:


4. Final Notes

These are few things to make a note of concerning this new process:

  • Students will NOT have access to their past Moodle courses. They will lose this access fourteen days after the posted end date of that course. This will eliminate any fear of students accessing old information, changing content, or passing along information to their peers.
  • The new addition of being able to access a future course is a great option for those who like to get a head start on their work. Please know that these courses will not be available on Moodle until the information is put in by the Registrar for that particular semester. Also, if you do plan on utilizing the option to work on your course in advance, remember that the students also have access to their future courses, so if you do not want them to see the content you are posting, make sure that you are utilizing the Hide feature on your Moodle page.



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