Adding Quickmail to a Moodle Course

The Quickmail function is used to email the entire roster of students. Please note that although the students will receive the message in their Wagner inbox, they cannot reply to the sender as they normally would when writing back to an email. To write back, they would need to open up an entirely new email and send it to the person that way.

Upon creation, Moodle courses will not have the Quickmail function added to the course. Follow these instructions to learn how to add it to your course:

1. Make sure your Navigation Menu is expanded. The Navigation Menu is the collapsible menu on the left hand side on your Moodle page. You can collapse and expand it by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner.

2. Once you have made sure that your navigation menu is expanded, make sure to turn your editing button on. You can do this by going up to the upper right hand corner of your Moodle page, clicking the gear, and selecting Turn Editing On.

3. Go back to your navigation menu, scroll all the way down to the bottom, and you should now see something that says Add a Block. Please note, you will not see this unless your editing button is turned on. Click Add a Block.

4. From the menu, search until you find Quickmail. Select Quickmail.

5. Once selected, you should see the Quickmail block appear in the upper right hand corner of your Moodle course.

6. To write an email to your class, select Compose New Email.

7. On the right hand side, you will see all of your potential recipients. You can add a few names by picking and choosing the names off the list and pressing Add, or you can just add everyone by selecting Add All. Same reasoning goes for removing recipients, except you would select them from the Selected Recipients menu on the left hand side and choose Remove or Remove All.

8. As you scroll down you can add an attachment to your email in the Attachments section.

9. The Subject of the email is a mandatory field so make sure to put something in this box or your email will not send.

10. The Message box is where you will compose your email and write the message you want to send to the recipients.

11. You can choose whether or not you would like to have a copy of your email sent to your own inbox. This is a good choice to make to ensure that your email has sent successfully.

12. When you are all finished writing your email, click Send Email.




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