Understanding Editing Icons

For each week/topic on your Moodle page, as well as the items that you post for your participants' viewing, there is an "edit" menu associated it. This article will explain to you what the items on the editing menu are for.

First and foremost, in order to access any of the editing menus, your editing button must be turned on. To do this, simply navigate up to the gear in the upper right hand corner, click on it, and select Turn Editing On from the menu. Your page should change giving you options of what you can do to now make changes to a particular week or topic.

Go to the item that you would like to make changes to. To the right of that item, click Edit. You will see the following menu:

Edit Settings

This will allow you to go back into the settings of that particular items and make changes to it. Some changes include changing the title or description, adding an attachment, changing the parameters to a particular assignment, etc. Make sure to also save any changes at the bottom of the screen after any modifications you have made.

Move Right

This is used when you would like to indent a particular item within your section. Upon clicking this, the item will move slightly to the right. If you do not like this, you can always click the edit menu again, and move it back to the way it was.


This feature allows you to hide anything you don't want to make readily available to a student. An example of this would be hiding a quiz that you have prematurely created and you don't want the students to see it yet. Similarly, you can hide the entire week or topic in that section by clicking the Edit button at the top of the section and selecting Hide Week. Always remember if you do choose to use this feature, to unhide your items when it comes time for you to make them visible to avoid any confusion from students.

To make an item visible, simply navigate to the same edit menu, and choose Show from the menu.


This is a very useful feature if you are planning to give similar assignments to students on a weekly basis. For example, let's say you create a weekly forum in which the student discusses something important that happened to them that week. Using this feature will allow you to create the forum only once, and then duplicate it. All you would need to do upon duplicating it, is move it to the desired spot on your Moodle course. If there are changes that need to be made to due dates, or descriptions, you can go into the settings of that item and make those changes.


This is self explanatory. If you would like to delete something from a week or topic, simply click Delete from that item's menu and it will remove it from your Moodle course. Here I have used the Delete feature to remove the duplicate syllabus in my previous example.



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