Using the Attendance Activity in Moodle

A great way to keep track of attendance in your course is by using the Attendance feature in Moodle. This allows you to set up an attendance roster for all of your students for each of your sessions. You can choose whether or not to grade this activity as well. All of the instructions are explained below:

1. Turn your editing button on. Click Add an Activity or Resource

2. Select Attendance from the menu

3. If desired, give your item a different name. The default is Attendance.

4. If you are grading students on their attendance, expand the grading section and choose your method of grading. You can also place this item in a category if you have created them previously. Make sure to save your changes.

5. Now that you have created the attendance activity, click into it to set the parameters for your course. Click the Add session tab at the top.

6. Now you will put the information in that pertains to your course. In the date section, put the first date that your course is going to take place, along with the time that it will start. Please note that the time should be in army time format. 


7. If you are teaching more than one session, next you will need to create all of the remaining sessions. Expand the Multiple Sessions menu and check off Repeat the session above as follows.

8. Put in all of the information pertaining to that course including which days it happens, how often, and when it will end. Press Add


9. Under the Status Set tab, you have the ability to change or remove status descriptions. Make sure you do not change the presets for Present-Remote and Present-In person as these are meant to serve as factors in facilitating proper Covid contact tracing. 

This is also the section where you will put how many points a student will receive for their attendance. You can put this number in the Points box.


10. To take attendance, click on the Sessions tab at the top. If you aren't in the activity anymore, simply click on it from the Moodle front page to go back inside of it.

11. Find the session that you are taking attendance for and navigate all the way to the right until you find the play button. 

12. You can now take attendance using the abbreviations that were set up for you in the Status Set section. You can individually mark students based on their attendance, or if everyone falls under the same status, you can press Set status for all and then select what status pertains to your students.

13. When you are finished press Save Attendance.


Here are the same instructions, but it will walk you through using a tutorial video:



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