Moodle Resources

Moodle is Wagner's learning management system. If you are teaching a course, you automatically have a Moodle page created for you with all of your students automatically enrolled. See below for a series of tutorial videos that will walk you through the features that Moodle offers. This particular series of videos were recorded for a summer online training course, but the information on them is still applicable:

Logging into Moodle

Navigating Moodle

Building Your Course

Resources on Moodle

Creating a Moodle Gradebook

Course Activities

Backup and Restore

Good to Know

  • Moodle works best when using Firefox or Chrome

Additional Moodle Resources 

Adding User Overrides in Moodle

If you have a participant in your course who requires more time on an exam or who needs to access an item at a different time than everyone else, this video will show you how you can make those changes on so it works for everyone. Click here to view the video

Importing Quiz Questions from a Word Document into Moodle Quizzes

This video will show you how you can compile a quiz in Microsoft Word and then import it into your Moodle quiz bank. The formatting in this process is very specific so please pay close attention to this in the video for the best chance of success. Click here to view the video

Creating Groups in Moodle to Assign Different Assignments to Students

This video shows you how you can create a quiz or assignment in Moodle and restrict access to it based on groups. It specifically focuses on what to do if you are interested in giving different versions of an item to students, but want to make sure they don't know about it.

Creating Groups in Moodle to Assign Different Assignments to Students


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